Milan, which has always been the capital of fashion, offers numerous shopping solutions for the most demanding, starting from the fashion district for the lucky ones with the best Italian and non-Italian brands, Milano Taxi Transfer offers its service by car or minivan to assist customers in shopping. Milanese and in the nearby outlets.

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The most commercial area is certainly the one that gravitates around Piazza Duomo and in particular Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Via Torino, San Babila where the major clothing brands are located: Abercrombie & amp; Fitch,

Zara, H & amp; M, Gap, Banana Republic.

For a more fashionable shopping, the coolest area is Ticinese / Navigli where there are some of the most famous brands of the streetwear scene: Stussy, Carhartt, Vans, etc. Other interesting areas are Corso Buenos Aires, a commercial artery about one and a half kilometers long with more than 350 shops and Corso Vercelli with its beautiful shops.

For a more exclusive shopping, the most interesting areas are the so-called “Quadrilatero della Moda”, then the area between Via Montenapoleone, Corso Venezia, Via Manzoni and Via della Spiga, the elegant Brera area with beautiful shops and Corso Como.

I would like to point out the “10 corso como” shop which is located right on the street of the same name which, in addition to being a must see for fashion victims since it is the shop created by the director of Vogue Italia, is beautiful and has a delightful outdoor bar.

The beating heart of Milan’s fashion district is certainly via Montenapoleone , think that it is the sixth most expensive street in the world according to Main streets across the world, which is the ranking of the most expensive shopping streets in the world . So let’s say that via Montenapoleone is not just a beating heart, but metaphorically speaking it is also a bloody wallet.

As we said, there are four streets that enclose the Milan fashion district: via Montenapoleone, via Manzoni, via della Spiga and corso Venezia. Inside we find other very important shopping streets: via Borgospesso, via Santo Spirito, via Gesù, via Sant’Andrea, via Bagutta and via Verri. But let’s take a closer look at the fashion and shopping streets of Milan:

  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele II : suitable for classic and casual shopping, it is a typical promenade in the center complete with a pedestrian area, arcades and Duomo (the course connects the Piazza del Duomo with Piazza San Babila ). Here you will find many clothing stores, also suitable for young people and not necessarily expensive: we have low cost warehouses alongside more quality brands, with proposals suitable for everyone
  • Via Montenapoleone : this is the luxury shopping street par excellence. Here you will find the big names of international brands, without forgetting the shops dedicated to Made in Italy. High fashion, jewels: there is everything here, besides the fact that during the fashion shows you may see celebrities and models strolling
  • Via della Spiga : another street dedicated to luxury shopping, this street is home to the great brands of the fashion world
  • Via Sant Andrea : still a street dedicated to luxury and elegant shops, here there are showrooms dedicated to all needs
  • Via del Gesù : smaller street than the previous ones, here too you will find shops of great internationally renowned designers, as well as shops dedicated to Italian craftsmanship
  • Via Manzoni : again a street dedicated to luxury shopping, this street starts from Piazza della Scala and offers very elegant shops, with showrooms and boutiques at every step
  • Corso Venezia : this course connects San Babila to Corso Buenos Aires, here you will find very fashionable shops
  • Corso Buenos Aires : here you will find everything, clothing, books, jewelry, shoes, sports items, more than a kilometer of shops and businesses dedicated to all needs
  • Via Torino : another very important street connects Piazza del Duomo with the Navigli, here we say that the level of shopping is decidedly more commercial and nationally popular, therefore suitable for young people and less capacious wallets < / li>
  • Corso di Porta Ticinese : here you can do an alternative and a little more casual shopping, with original and particular shops, if you are looking for niche showrooms you can find them here. For example, here you can find vintage and ethnic shops, tailors that make tailor-made garments and in general there is a sporty chic air
  • Via Savona : let’s say that this street is particularly dedicated to design, photographic studios and a more particular and curious shopping, but always of quality

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